Jain Uwassaggaharam Parshwa Tirth is symbol of vast dignity and devotion towards Jainism which is filled with Purity and Prosperity. There is a divine strength in these tirths to purify mind and soul. Numerous devotees gain bhaktiras by whispering ‘Sakal Tirth Bandhukar Jod’ of holy tirths. Souly peace is generated by doing Darshan and Prayer of divine tirthdiraj shri Shatrunjay, Girnar, Samvat Shikar etc . It is even benefical worshipping of such tirth at home itself. In the recent years of Indian Jain Tirth culture Shri Uwassagggaharam Tirth Nagpura Has become deep devotional tirth for devotees. More ...




Shri Uwassaggaharam Parshwa Tirth, Nagpura, Durg, Chhattisgarh (India) has a unique distinction of acquiring unprecedented fame and adoration as a pioneer Jan Shrine, hardly within a span of half a dozen years since its formal installation on 5th 'February' 1995. Situated on the bank of river Sheonath which had the singular good fortune of washing the holy feet of Shri Parshwanath, thousands of years ago, during his august visit to this area of

Chhattisgarh; amidst the breath-taking natural beauty. This holy place not only documents India's glorious past with its rich culturious past with its rich culture and architecture, it tells a tale of unshakeable, faith, unflinching devotion, selfless dedication, voluntary cooperation and above all divine inspiration and Providential Grade also. More Info >>


The presence of very ancient shrine on whose threshold (DEHRI) stood the pious footprints of Parshwa-Prabhu was mutilated by the impact of time. It was rusty maroon coloured and dilapidated. As the luck would have it, an eminent man of letters, journalist and scholar Shri Rawalmal Jain 'Mani' traced them out and got them renovated with the help of devotee friends. He was destined to play the role of a

pioneer in making the dream of a Jain-Shrine a reality.Presently positioned on the right side of the pedestal or step of the main temple, the foot -print of the lord are the first object of worship and homage. More Info >>

Shri Uwassaggaharam Parshwa Tirth is not merely a place of devotion, it also is an abode of total dedication to the God Almighty. An unparallel seat of Yoga. Sadhana(Concentration to sublimate with worship through renouncing the past under the blessings of tirthankar Shri Parshwa Prabhu. close by is 'Meru-Parvat' followed by 'Tirthankar Udyan and then the 'Tirth Darshan Udyan'. The devoted visiting pilgrims get a unique opportunity of sacred

sojourn over place. This tirth perhaps is the first of its kind which glows with grace and blessings of all other Jain-Tirth.More Info >>


The Aarogyadham Nagpura is located amidst the natural surroundings on the bank of Holy river Shivnath. The Hospital building in being designed by Mr. H.L.Thamrakar Architect super deluxe, deluxe single room and general wards. The place is well connected by road, rail air traffic. it is 13 km. from Durg and 60 km. from Raipur the capital of Chhattisgarh. More Info >>




India’s first Meru Parvat was created in Uwassaggaharam Tirth. Just behind the main temple jinalaya along with Meru Parvat has been constructed which shows the foreseeing capability of devoted architecture of this tirth Shri Mani sa.. It has been said that according to Tirth Anjanshala vidhan temporary Meru Parvat was to be built up in around 70-75 thousand rupees.Very soon Shri Mani ji the main temple was constructedas divine Meru Parvat from the leftover and useless More...


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